The Lie Detector With Noah Beck | The Dixie D'Amelio Show

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Dixie D'Amelio

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The time has come..... Noah got his way and our last video got 2 million likes so a promise is a promise. At the end of this video, you'll see what 3 million likes gets!! I hope you all enjoy watching!
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Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio 4 muaj më parë
thanks for watching!!
Robbie Glasspell
Robbie Glasspell 10 ditë më parë
Hi that was so funny
#sniperalexstacyrblx 13 ditë më parë
ZAZU YT 14 ditë më parë
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Alice :D
Alice :D 25 ditë më parë
comedy Muaj më parë
You are welcome
Hi Lorena
Hi Lorena 30 minuta më parë
" *He* had the fantastic idea.." "I didnt want to but a promise is a promise" *Some time ago* "We should do a lie detector test" "That would be so fun I would loOve to do that!" "NooooO I can'ttT" "Yes yess" "NO no I can't" "What are you hiding??" "I just don't wanna do it" Girl, it was literally your idea. Noah and Dixie trying to be the "perfect" couple is so cringy
Hi Lorena
Hi Lorena 31 minutë më parë
Noah was annoyed at a certain point
onda’s pink hair
onda’s pink hair 3 orë më parë
noah to dixie:🥰😍😘😻💗 dixie to noah:🙄👍🏻👌🏻😐
Joshua Armijo
Joshua Armijo 10 orë më parë
Cuts r running the world... Over 7 million subs HAS to be all kids...
Rogue Rc Maniak
Rogue Rc Maniak 12 orë më parë
No I’m done that’s so sus
Lorena Sofía Vargas Herrera
Lorena Sofía Vargas Herrera 15 orë më parë
I truly don't know what it is about Dixie, I just do not get a good/sincere/humble vibe from her (or most Internet celebrities) in any video. It's not just the fact that she treats her boyfriend like a child (it's obvious he loves her and she doesn't love him back, poor guy), but she just gives off such a "stuck-up" "I am better than most" energy. I understand it must be difficult to handle so much fame at an early age, I think that fame got to her ego soooo much now I just don't like her at all, she lost all her relatability. I am so happy I grew up in Venezuela without any social media, it truly brain washes people from such an early age, it makes women shallow, anxious, self-aware and competitive, it makes man competitive, depressed and self-aware as well. Social media is not good for us, I have been social media/cellphone free for 4 months, I understand now why Natalie Portman used to say "I have no social media, it is an egotistical pool" You swim in life while comparing your swimming with others, it is pointless and it does not help us grow emotionally or spiritually AT ALL. BE HUMBLE, we set an example for others, I wish more celebrities like Dixie would be more humble and down to earth. No hate intended, I have just been noticing how different society has become after the world-wide addiction to both cellphones and social media, it all started to worsen in the early 2000's. I miss the 90's. I hope someday things will change, the world has seen a 70% increase rate of both depression and anxiety since 2010... If you feel irrelevant, just know, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND ONE OF A KIND
remas7593 20 orë më parë
Video laughs and kot 😂😂😂♥♥♥
THA FUCX Ditë më parë
Why she talk like that
Jessica Taylor RG
Jessica Taylor RG Ditë më parë
This is the most funniest video I’ve ever watched 😂😂😂😂😂
I am super bored
I am super bored Ditë më parë
They argue a lot
Kaitlin Knight
Kaitlin Knight Ditë më parë
Have a Baby 👶!
Arunima Sharma
Arunima Sharma Ditë më parë
“ You’re just sensitive ” Damn.
Laneya Gloede
Laneya Gloede Ditë më parë
Eat a Ant. It gives you more nutrients... its a fact, don't take it seriously...
blessing ofori
blessing ofori Ditë më parë
6:10 just for me
Irina Gromakovskaya
Irina Gromakovskaya Ditë më parë
"I am not mean to you. You are just sensitive" That is what I used to hear in my past relationships and it made me feel like shit. Abusive af
Angelika Konczak
Angelika Konczak 5 orë më parë
saga Ohlsson
saga Ohlsson Ditë më parë
this say that i am single in 63 langues
Pénélope Steger
Pénélope Steger Ditë më parë
dixie is officially bad for Noah
Pénélope Steger
Pénélope Steger Ditë më parë
dixie makes this so awkward
Dindini Sailo
Dindini Sailo Ditë më parë
Honestly she didn't deserve Noah
Suhana Shrestha
Suhana Shrestha Ditë më parë
Dixie literally thinks being quirky is so funny🙄
ally dugan
ally dugan Ditë më parë
this entire video was a whole mess........
Evii frh
Evii frh Ditë më parë
1:52 what was that? Awkward
Gia D
Gia D 2 ditë më parë
I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke up
rohini prajapati
rohini prajapati 2 ditë më parë
She didn't even look into his eyes while answering his questions
Imma Savage
Imma Savage 3 ditë më parë
Only kids who have never been on a healthy relationship would think that this is couple goals smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
SNAKE SNAKE 3 ditë më parë
Lie detector test with James and noah
mish sj
mish sj 4 ditë më parë
dixie is so toxic
Roxy 4 ditë më parë
Othman Kabir
Othman Kabir 4 ditë më parë
This lie detector man is everywhere
Lucia Kim
Lucia Kim 5 ditë më parë
Lucia Kim
Lucia Kim 5 ditë më parë
Liam Hall
Liam Hall 5 ditë më parë
Nobody: This is literally me after quarantine when I loose my social skills and go back to school. Point blank periodt
Georgina Ooko
Georgina Ooko Ditë më parë
I swear
Liana Seraderian
Liana Seraderian 5 ditë më parë
Am I annoying Yeah Audience: OH
Vienna Gasner
Vienna Gasner 5 ditë më parë
Putri Sabreena
Putri Sabreena 5 ditë më parë
I am Dixie all the way, dixie is me when in a relationship..
-Beelzebub- Ditë më parë
Minaal Salman
Minaal Salman 6 ditë më parë
7:53 noah looks so hurt 🥺🥺
swxrl _
swxrl _ 6 ditë më parë
Her throughout the whole video: Hehehehehee hehehehEheheheh HEHEHEEHEHHEE
🤍{LØSER._.BØØ}🤍 6 ditë më parë
When ever he lie he looks the other way
ak arty
ak arty 6 ditë më parë
she's kind of brainless
ak arty
ak arty 6 ditë më parë
Noah is such a nice/smart guy he's quiet and humble and get made fun o the internet for his neck but he's a way better boyfriend than any other tiktoker
Sani E Zehra
Sani E Zehra 6 ditë më parë
This is so awkward
Sani E Zehra
Sani E Zehra 6 ditë më parë
At least add actual captions to this shit
jamrs lber
jamrs lber 6 ditë më parë
Dexie low key rude
Mishal Hasan
Mishal Hasan 7 ditë më parë
Why does Dixie always look so tyring infront of camera...not meant for any free judgement but her style is kinda lousy all the time despite all this she is amazing from inside having a great voice.
A1d 8821
A1d 8821 7 ditë më parë
Y’all really be out here attacking their relationship based on the internet, this was 1. Early in to their relationship and Dixie has been through a lot off stuff that can have caused trust issues but Noah might help her through them. 2. The test is not 100% still, and if hesitation your breath and pulse changes and can cause a false result, but doesn’t mean that neither Noah or Dixie wants to ect break up with eachother. 3. If you look into it more Dixie is a person that doesn’t want to keep their relationship in the eye, she isn’t a very touchy person, doesn’t like pet names ect and rather keep it chill. Noah is a very effective person, dixies not. Just because they seem to be “one-love sided” doesn’t mean they goddamn are They obviously are I love and the people in this comment section is not passing the vibe, imagine this being your relationship and you are in Dixies shoes. Would you want this response to a person your In love with?
A1d 8821
A1d 8821 Ditë më parë
@-Beelzebub- I respect your opinion but I have to disagree, dixie would easily make more money than Noah in just a few clicks so why would she need to use him for money? I've seen recent videos as well and they seem genuine to me. It's in front of a camera and she could have felt camera fright and she expressed that she was nervous many times. Sure her behavior was something that might seem off, but we only see their relationship on the internet and in front of a camera and both are young and makes mistakes.
-Beelzebub- Ditë më parë
@A1d 8821 she is doing all of this for money and yes this was early in their relationship but i have seen her recent videos and she acts the same, with that bratty behavior, i am not someone to discriminate her but i had to disagree with ur opinion.
A1d 8821
A1d 8821 Ditë më parë
-Beelzebub- but you don’t know if she is now do you? It’s one video, she’s uncomfortable and it was early in their relationship yeez
-Beelzebub- Ditë më parë
First off, i would never act selfish like her in a relationship.
Kristen Geller
Kristen Geller 7 ditë më parë
they're so adorable together, change my mind
Poultry Addict
Poultry Addict 7 ditë më parë
I love the lie detector dude. I support you fully sir ☺️🙏🏼😂😂
BaeMaejor 8 ditë më parë
Dixie: I don't think I'm mean to you. You're just sensitive lmaooo Dixie is savage
#DanaQii Dynna
#DanaQii Dynna 8 ditë më parë
Omg noah your like a detective , it's like you only planned this to see if dixies feelings for you is real
Advita Arora
Advita Arora 8 ditë më parë
12 : 26 The million dollar moment
Noah Michél
Noah Michél 8 ditë më parë
bro gotta find someone better for him 🤣
Larry Bushey
Larry Bushey 9 ditë më parë
why doe these random ass vids just pop up😡 a dude taking a L test..and a man/girl name Dixie👎
Elise Loyola
Elise Loyola 9 ditë më parë
Dākudēmon Z
Dākudēmon Z 9 ditë më parë
She thinks that is tiktok ,she wanna 3milion likes 😂😂
Seham Ebrahim
Seham Ebrahim 10 ditë më parë
Omgggggggggg love you Noah back
Carly XXFrenchie
Carly XXFrenchie 10 ditë më parë
Make Noah eat a spider
Raquel Cuny-Rizo
Raquel Cuny-Rizo 10 ditë më parë
She definitely does not deserve him 💔
rachel hatton
rachel hatton 4 ditë më parë
What, it’s the other way round, she was the insensitive one the whole of this video?
I want cheesecake
I want cheesecake 10 ditë më parë
I think Noah is more prettier than Dixie 😂
King Kong
King Kong 12 ditë më parë
King Kong
King Kong 12 ditë më parë
Im her after watching that"videos I watch at 3am " video gahhHHAHHAHAHA
jflucrew 12 ditë më parë
these are things which should be disgussed in private I guess... I mean its their relationship but.... that just doesn't belong here
Raymn Grewal
Raymn Grewal 12 ditë më parë
A note: I saw this vedio and then I read the comments. OMGG!!! why are so many of you fighting?????? Over Dixie She's an amazing woman, no doubt. But please do not fight and be mean to each other. If someone says they don't like Dixie, respect their opinion and move on. No need to fight. If someone says they love Dixie, respect their opinion and move on. I know most of the people watching this are young teenagers. So that's why I wanted to say this- You are so much more worth than wasting your energy on a youtube comment section rivalry. Enjoy your day!
Katia Delarosa
Katia Delarosa 12 ditë më parë
Who’s here beacuse of Tiktok
mal-la-boo World
mal-la-boo World 12 ditë më parë
Y’all he In loveeeeee
YuaEdits 12 ditë më parë
“He’s a good friend....” “Really good friend”
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic 12 ditë më parë
She can't imagine marrying him? She's with him for clout poor Noah really loved her. He's so sweet he deserves better
Aminat Ramazanova
Aminat Ramazanova 13 ditë më parë
cake pop
cake pop 13 ditë më parë
2:15 dix, youre so lucky
cheree skyers
cheree skyers 13 ditë më parë
The lie detector boy is like they better pay me a lot for this and I'm just like why am I watching this🤔🤔
Noah Neck
Noah Neck 13 ditë më parë
my boi....
#sniperalexstacyrblx 13 ditë më parë
Awwwe its soo cute doah forever!
Serenityy199 14 ditë më parë
Noah: Dixie do you like snails 🐌 Dixie: yes 0-o Noah’s and Dixies head: aaaaaaaaaaabahahahhahaha the dinnnneeerrrr ahhahahahaha
Margarito Ortiz
Margarito Ortiz 14 ditë më parë
Yaaay right Noah
Fernanda Hernández
Fernanda Hernández 14 ditë më parë
She he say do u like snails and she say yes then why she didn’t eat the snail that the chef hive her -_- what I dum answer
Liliana Sewell
Liliana Sewell 14 ditë më parë
Omg i ship y'all to much y'all are just to cute 😫😭🥺🙌❤
ELLA SILBERMAN 14 ditë më parë
Noah is the sweetest guy ever and dixie is so nice they are so cute together!
Maha GQ
Maha GQ 14 ditë më parë
Do a lie detector test on charli but let John ask the questions when u hit 3 milion likes( like is comment if u agree!)
Maha GQ
Maha GQ 14 ditë më parë
how he laughs
Katana Spotted Bear
Katana Spotted Bear 15 ditë më parë
She looks like she does weed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-Beelzebub- Ditë më parë
Sara Cannizzo
Sara Cannizzo 15 ditë më parë
Why did noah liked james charles and not dixie i dont like him😠😠😠
-Beelzebub- Ditë më parë
Tf ok??
gamegamer gang
gamegamer gang 15 ditë më parë
Lie detector test with James Charles and Noah
Aesthetic Astrid
Aesthetic Astrid 15 ditë më parë
12:21 LMAO
Royale Vani
Royale Vani 15 ditë më parë
y’all john is the star of the show and y’all can’t tell me different
Ján Máicó
Ján Máicó 15 ditë më parë
Send this to noah beck what the heck noah beck please tell me why u have no neck how does dixie give u does hikiys if u got no neck😩😏
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 15 ditë më parë
Do a shave 🪒 his head lol 😂
Athena 16 ditë më parë
This is certainly not how a real lie detector works so I don’t think it’s pretty accurate just based off of how much they’re moving during the qts. But it’s entertaining.
Rizi 16 ditë më parë
Noah needs to find him a nice girl to match his personality. He doesn't need to be getting into a relationship with someone whos immature and clearly not ready. This is sad to watch.
Sara Elsawi
Sara Elsawi 16 ditë më parë
john is definitely annoyed of them
kelly conroy
kelly conroy 16 ditë më parë
Where's the true or falses? They just asks the question and get to the next one.
Alicia Cerrito
Alicia Cerrito 16 ditë më parë
She is hands down the most annoying person I have ever watched or heard in my entire life. Cringe-worthy. I Will Never in a million years understand why anybody would follow her/listen to her/ be interested in her for any reason whatsoever. Idk why she ever had 15 min.s let alone 20. She has Nothing to back up her entitlement. Nothing. She belittles him soo badly, stomps on his manhood and intentionally makes a fool of him. I'd be attracted to James C too if I had to deal w that.
Andrew Y. TV
Andrew Y. TV 16 ditë më parë
Andrew Y. TV
Andrew Y. TV 16 ditë më parë
Mochii Wochi
Mochii Wochi 17 ditë më parë
Noah is literally blindly in love with Dixie... that’s what I can pick up from this vid...
Megan Stickles
Megan Stickles 17 ditë më parë
bro you can see their number on the dog tag if you zoom in
Vivienne French
Vivienne French 17 ditë më parë
this dude has been in so many lie detector vids
Nika Stimac
Nika Stimac 17 ditë më parë
They have to do this again, bc i think many things changed
Kelly Ranglall
Kelly Ranglall 17 ditë më parë
this is awkward
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis 18 ditë më parë
i think dixie wears the pants, girls her age are liekly more mature then someone noahs age. also because she literally had to baby sit noah when he got his pec flushing surgery. driving him home, making him soup, convincing him he's not thanos.
dio brando
dio brando 18 ditë më parë
woah noah likes james charles
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